A weekend in the Lake District

As I mentioned, one of our absolute favorite things about London, and all of England, so far has been how amazingly dog friendly it is.  Having public transportation be dog friendly has been an absolute game changer, especially since we do not have a car here!  We decided to take advantage of the August Bank Holiday by heading up to the north of England and the beautiful Lake District.  Our Virgin train ride was very comfortable,  with a meal, including wine, accompanying views of the English countryside on the three hour journey.

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Leaving 2017 Behind..

2017 was a horrible year in a lot of ways.  Personally, my family was simply devastated when my grandmother lost her long fight with cancer.  The world saw unprecedented natural tragedies (hurricane after hurricane, devastating fire after fire).  It seemed like every day something awful happened.  But despite the almost daily horrible news, Matt, Cassie, and I were lucky enough to get in quite a few amazing trips, traveling near and far.

IMG_2585 (1)

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Autumn all to ourselves…

Well, hello! I can’t believe how long it has been since I have written.  A lot has changed.  I have not only a new job, but a new career, I am now a middle school social studies teacher!  I plan to continue to practice over the summers in a contract basis, and I will be teaching a “Fairy Tale Mock Trial” class next semester, so I haven’t entirely hung up my lawyer hat.  But things have been busy.

Some things, like my love of running, haven’t changed.  After a summer off due to a hip injury, I cherished every run all the more.  One brisk October day right after the first sprinkle of snow, Cassie and I took a run across the street on the trails of the Tahoe Cross Country Center.  And we had the trails all to ourselves….

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Holiday Detox “Fried Rice”

The holiday season is always a favorite time of year, with seemingly endless events to enjoy with friends and family.  And delicious, often far from healthy, food and drink in copious amounts.  And I certainly indulge, because hey, its the holidays and what would life be without some indulgences?  But in an attempt to try to balance out the indulgence, we do make an effort to have some healthy meals during the week.  This “Fried Rice” is rapidly becoming one of my favorites.cauliflowerfiredrice - 1

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Thankful for Snow & Pumpkin Pan-crepes

Matt, Cassie and I spent Thanksgiving in Tahoe and were lucky enough to have snow to play in!  It has been several years since there was any significant snow at lake level, and it was such a treat to have a white Thanksgiving.


Cassie waited impatiently by the front door the morning after Thanksgiving, perplexed by what I could be doing that was possibly more fun than playing in the snow!  Matt and I were eager to get out there too, but first we needed a bit of fuel.

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